3 page website.
A simple, informative web presence for a local trader

A simple website, with a gallery of images, of local views.
Links directly to a 'Redbubble' e-commerce shop.

5 page website, with a photo gallery.
This site links to a free, 3rd party
e-commerce website, to enable sales across a range of different products.

A full e-commerce website, easily expandable to add further product ranges.
This entire shop can be managed via the free mobile phone app.

A very simple 2 page e-commerce website,created to sell a single product.
This entire shop can be managed via the free mobile phone app.

A full blown e-commerce website, fully functional, multiple products with product variations.
This entire shop can be managed via the free mobile phone app.

What's included.

Customisable Designs.

Customisable, polished, professional design templates giving countless options for site layout and navigation. Personalise your website by changing the banner, background, text colour and font.

Flexible Layouts.

With a multitude of preset professional templates and flexible layouts, the software platform lets you build virtually any page you want!

SEO Friendly.

Pages are designed with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. When your website is published, the open-source software platform makes it easy for search engines to pick up your website so your customers can find you online.

Free SSL certificate.

Having an SSL certificate, the domain name of your website will be displayed with “HTTPS” rather than “HTTP” as well as a lock icon. This gives your customers peace of mind while browsing your website. It also shows that you value their security, boosting your credibility.Google released an algorithm which gives secure sites an additional boost in search engine rankings.

Password Protection.

Keep unauthorised visitors from seeing your pages with password protection. Protect your whole website or specific pages.

Simple Site Organisation.

Flexible navigation and sub-menus let you build and organise as many pages as you like. Declutter your site with integrated submenus that are customised to fit your site's design.

Drag & Drop Widgets.

Powerful drag & drop widgets let you to add contact forms, appointment scheduling, maps, blogs, videos, and photo galleries to meet your business needs.

Mobile Phones.

Mobile publishing lets you take your website and instantly create a version optimised for viewing on iPhone, Android& BlackBerry devices. With a mobile website, your customers can connect with your business anytime, anywhere.

Mobile, Facebook, and Web Publishing

Reach your customers wherever they are. With 'one click' your site is published to mobile phones, Facebook, and the web.

Web Publishing.

Get found on the web. All sites are HTML-based, not Flash, which allows search engines like Google to index your website.
Sitemaps are also automatically generated every time you publish, making it easier for customers to find your site online.

Facebook Pages.

Your customers are on Facebook, and your business can be too. With this open-source software platform, your site can easily be published to your Facebook business page. Grow and engage your fan base through social media.

Easy Installation and Integration with 3rd Party Site HTML.

Add, Google Webmaster analytics, Facebook Pixel, Mailchimp, and social media feeds, such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube video, Wufoo forms etc.