My background and experience.

In 2000, I set up my own company, in Brighton.

As a new start-up, I couldn't afford to employ a professional web designer, but having always held an interest in technology, computers, the internet and website creation, decided to create my own.

After much searching and trial and error, found this web creation platform, to create my own company website, along with a range of other websites, and e-commerce shops.

20 years on with 20 years experience, I continue to use the same platform, to create websites and e-commerce shops, for myself and clients.


This website was created with the same website creation platform.

What I do

  1. I create simple, easy to use, websites for local tradespeople, artists & makers and new start-up businesses.
    (NO 'smoke & mirrors')

  2. I spend time to discuss your web requirements, to find out what you really need.

  3. I use a very simple to use, award winning, web creation platform, which I believe, is easier to use than Wordpress, so that you can maintain and updateyourself, if you wish.

  4. I continue to support you, if you decide you want me to  update your website for you.

What I don't do!

  1. Most importantly, I don't rip you off.

    I've been there myself, have been talked in to things I didn't need, promised the earth and over charged...
  2. I don't talk you in to anything you don't need.

  3. I don't charge for the time to discuss your website requirements.

  4. I don't create websites that can't be updated by either yourself or any other competentwebsite designer.